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Vegetable world

Vegetable world Currently, forests occupy 20% of the country. Up to 70% of the stand is deciduous species. In the mountains in the north of Thailand and near the border with Myanmar, wet monsoon mixed deciduous forests dominate, with teak, planus xylia, pterocarpus, large-fruited, and other hardwood species. These forests are interspersed with thickets of […]

Thailand is located in a tropical climate zone

Thailand is located in a tropical climate zone. In the tropical zone of Asia, there is a change in air currents: in winter, the trade wind dominates, in summer – the monsoon, which determines the seasons of the year. Characteristic features of the climatic regime of Thailand are due to the presence of mountains in […]

After an accident In Phuket, a Russian is in a hospital in critical condition

After an accident In Phuket, a Russian is in a hospital in critical condition In Thailand, a Russian tourist is in critical condition in a hospital after his car crashed into a house in the Karon area of ​​Phuket, The Phuket News reports. The Russian was taken out of the car in an unconscious state […]


THAILAND, latest news January 4, 2018. Hurricane Pabuk reached the coast of the southern provinces of Thailand this morning. Published videos and photos. “Pabuk” (translated from Laotian “giant catfish”) brought heavy rain, waves up to 5-7 meters high and gusts of wind up to 75 km / h. Thailand is approaching the most powerful in […]


Tourism Russian pensioners travel more frequently MOSCOW, March 11 – RIA News. Analysis of the preferences of tourists of retirement age over the past three years has shown that they began to travel more frequently, reports Since 2016, the number of actively traveling retirees has increased by 5%. All this time, the domestic leader […]


Бангкок, 13 марта-РИА Новости. Любая торговля алкоголем в Таиланде будет запрещена с вечера до и до вечера дня выборов 17 и 24 марта. Издание указывает, что иностранные туристы должны будут запастись алкоголем заранее, если они хотят выпить с 18: 00 16 марта по 18: 00 17 марта и с 18: 00 23 марта по 18: […]

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