Fifty-year-old Thai citizen Somsak Somying, who disappeared 19 years ago, returned to his native village, said the Third National Television Channel of Thailand.

Fifty-year-old citizen Somsak Somying, who disappeared 19 ago, returned to his native village, said the Third National Television Channel of .

A man left the village in Surin province to earn money in 1999. He could neither read nor write. At first, Somying worked at a construction site in Bangkok and called up with his family, and then stopped communicating with his relatives. Attempts by relatives to find him in Bangkok were not crowned with success.

As it turned out, Somying in Bangkok was left without work and moved to construction on the island of , where he also could not work for a long time. On the advice of new friends, he enlisted as a sailor in a Thai fishing trawler. Sailors on trawlers get no more than $ 250–300 per month for hard work and often run from ships during calls at ports, so often the owners of trawlers select sailor’s documents when they come to work. Soyying had his only document taken away – the national identification card of a Thai citizen, the TV channel reported.

The sailors from the trawler were almost not allowed to go ashore and were beaten for the slightest offense, the man told reporters. Also, almost all aboard constantly used drugs. On the trawler there were frequent fights between sailors, resulting in injuries, but there was no one on the ship who could provide qualified medical assistance. Scars on the face and hands of Somying confirm this story, the report says.

After some time, the trawler, on which the Thai served, was arrested for illegal fishing in the territorial waters of Malaysia. Authorities flooded the ship, and its crew was in a Malaysian prison.

Malaysian human rights organization helped to return to Thailand after his release. However, he failed to get his identification card back, as the company that owned the vessel on which he served before his arrest in Malaysia no longer existed.

A man without documents went to work at a factory where an acquaintance had arranged for him, but a few months later the police carried out a migration check at the enterprise. Somying was detained because he did not have a national Thai citizen identification card.

It was the inspection at the factory that helped Somyingu to return home after many years of wandering, the channel said. The police found in the system of state civil registration data of several family members of the missing, then contacted his sister and brought him to the province of Surin. My sister brought her brother to her native village, where his mother still lives. Local authorities began the process of recovering personal documents of the returning man, the channel reports.

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