If you are going to rest in Thailand

If you are going to rest in , then it is better to learn in advance the features, traditions and rules of this country. Thanks to this, you protect yourself from some ridiculous situations and find out what the locals live and what their customs are. Of course, to tell about all the features in one article will not work, but I want to bring to your attention the 25 most interesting facts about .

Interesting Facts
1. Thais are very religious people and they are anxious about their religion. Basically, Buddhism flourishes here. In whatever conditions the Thaiman himself lived, even if in an old shack, but there is always a beautiful house of spirits near his house.

2. Thailand has a completely different chronology. When we celebrated 2015, Thais met 2558.

3. The King of Thailand has American citizenship.

4. The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, has been in power since 1946 and has been included in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest term of government.

5. Thais are very revered by their king and the entire royal family. In cinemas, before the beginning of the session, the national anthem is always played, and the King is shown on the screen, at this time all Thais stand up and listen to him silently. Also, all students begin their day, the anthem is played in schools and universities. In the cities on the streets hang posters depicting the king. In no case do not say anything bad about the king, it will be considered an insult to His Majesty. Do not throw money on the floor, do not wrinkle them and do not dirty. The thing is that the banknotes depict the king. For insulting the king, you can get a fine or even go to jail.

Interesting facts about Thailand

6. Thais are relaxed and slow people, they are not in a hurry. The people live by the principle: “if I don’t have time in this life, I will do it in the next one.” For them, the main thing is the joy of the moment, they do not chase after material goods, do not see in it a necessity.

7. Thais do not complain and do not whine, unlike many Russian people, where it is considered to be in the order of things. They believe that everything that comes into their lives they deserve and the cause of the problems must be sought in themselves, and not blamed others. In this I share their views. After all, we ourselves attract events into our lives with our thoughts, and this has already been proved more than once. So, think positively and you will be happy!

8. In Thailand, in all public places, buses, trains, air conditioners operate at full capacity. When you enter the store, cold air immediately blows on you and you want to dress warmly.

9. In Thailand, the cult of food flourishes. Here, at every step, there is either a cafe, or a restaurant, or machoonixes. It seems that Thais eat all the time. However, at home they rarely cook.

10. In street cafes they eat everything, regardless of social status. In the most battered cafe they have lunch, both ordinary people and rich people who drive up to this place on expensive cars. In Thailand, there is no such division that the rich some places, and the poor others. And regardless of whether you are poor or rich, you will be treated with respect and equal.

11. In Thailand, the wiring is at the top, a large number of wires hangs and this is the first thing that catches your eye when you first visit this country. This does not decorate the city at all. It looks like the picture.

Interesting facts about Thailand

12. In Thailand, left-hand traffic. The road rules are often ignored here, so you need to be very careful on the road.

13. Foreigners in Thailand are called “farangs” and are often looked upon as a bag of money.

14. In Thailand, there are practically no sidewalks, Thais prefer to ride motorbikes and cars than to walk.

15. In Thailand, you can rent a motorbike or a car without a driver’s license.

16. Whatever the poor guy is, he will always have a rather expensive car, since Thailand has very favorable car loans.

17. New Year in Thailand is celebrated three times: European (January 1), Chinese (the date of the celebration depends on the lunar calendar) and Thai (April 14).

thai new year

18. If you see a beautiful tall Thai woman in Thailand, do not forget to check her sex, as most likely it is a man.

19. Before entering many pharmacies, massage parlors, hairdressers and other establishments in Thailand, it is customary to take off shoes.

20. Do not touch the heads of Thais, including children, this is considered disrespect. Thais believe that it is in the head is the spirit or soul, and it can not be touched.

21. Thais smile much more often, so it’s not for nothing that Thailand is called the Land of Smiles.

22. The elephant is considered a sacred animal in Thailand. And all the white elephants belong to the king. Each elephant in Thailand has medical insurance and a pension of 15,000 baht.

Thailand’s Sacred Animal

23. Men in Thailand are prohibited from showing a bare torso in public places.

24. It is impossible to meet a drunk and noisy Thai on the street. They rarely drink, but if they drink, they are quiet.

25. In Thailand, it is not customary to swear and raise your voice. Swearing in Thailand rec

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