Phuket, Thailand.

“And we were in this year, but we decided not to go to Pattaya. ’s beaches are cleaner, but more expensive …” Such a conversation has probably happened to everyone at least once. It seems that was already all over and over and over again. Poor “drove” to the point that many now deliberately avoid in order not to be crushed by hordes of fellow tourists. Yet lovers constantly fly here every year by direct flights, others travel from Bangkok by land.

From Bangkok, the night train is not fast, but it comfortably follows to the province of Surat Thani, from where you can get to Phuket by bus. An elderly Norwegian is traveling with me on the train, and it was not without difficulty that I was able to speak frankly. He first told me that an important component of Norwegian well-being is to never try to fool a client in a business, even if you firmly know that you will never see him again. A little later it turned out that the Norwegian was a big fan of Andreas Breivik, showed me his manifesto on his computer and said that he even tried to influence the government regarding the Norwegian immigration policy, but to no avail.

By lunchtime, from the Surat Thani station, I still get to Phuket, which turned out to be a rather large island.

Life in Phuket non-touristic looks chaotic, and inexperienced eyes do not immediately understand what is happening here. Looks like a scooter repair shop in a plant store. In addition, signs in Russian are beginning to flicker, mainly advertising for tours and agencies.

In the urban transport of Phuket, you need to jump back into the body, right “in the paws” of the conductor. Inside the stylization of pink – very .

Phuket is certainly not limited to Patong alone. And Patong is not something worth going to Phuket for. But to come to Phuket and not to look at Patong is unforgivable. Phuket’s main cesspool. Local Gomorrah. A pathetic couple of streets of this place has been “spoiling” the reputation of all Thailand for many now. Saying that I went to Patong, I want to look at the floor. The place is really incredibly interesting.

It is believed that the sex industry in Thailand was born either during the Japanese occupation, or during the Vietnam War, when tired American soldiers at the base in Pattaya, it was necessary to somehow entertain in between fights. Since then, the industry has developed and acquired worldwide fame. An elderly uncle, hiding between the legs of a dancing girl, wished to remain anonymous.

Yes. Here, a white Western man, even with a moderate income, a respectable age and not at all Appolonian appearance can feel like a king in the permanent center of female attention. At home with the same scenario, this will never happen.

But here – not at home. It’s all magically turned upside down. If you have money for a ticket to Thailand, then you automatically fall into the category of “rich”, which means you will be trying to nicely and cordially invite you to go-go bars, ping-pong shows, give you friends for the night, the queue will be heavily ordered drinks from bars more expensive for a commission. In general, spin all sorts of ways to your little piece of the Western wealth that you brought to them.

Prostitutes begin to crawl out into the open spaces of Bangla Road almost at sunset. It is very simple to calculate them from the crowd – not even by a frank outfit, but by an aspiring, long and completely unambiguous glance directed at you, if you are a man. A glance that, among other things, is lightningly evaluating whether you are a potential client or just got out to take a look at the camera. The second type of priestess of love is completely uninteresting, so the look immediately goes to the side in search of the type of the first.

Some, especially zealous, do not spend time on this kind of telepathic promises, but simply grab indiscriminately all the men in a row by the arms (well, that only by the arms!), And try to drag them to themselves, apparently to the den. I even stepped on the backdrop of a slipper a couple of times to make it harder to escape. Others immediately “honestly” announce the price list of services with prices and discounts. In general, as in any highly competitive business, everyone tries and follows different tactics.

In cafes and restaurants, young girls, as well as boys, reworked for girls, nicely share the evening with their age holders from rich countries. There is no enthusiasm on the faces, there is also no lively conversation. Holiday friends translate the view between the menu and the phone.

Here itself suggests to express its attitude to what is happening. Neither one nor the other has any negative emotions, but if one could describe what he saw in one word, I would choose “pity.”

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