Thai police detained a seventy-two-year-old leader of one of the gangs of the Japanese yakuza

police detained a seventy-two-year-old of one of the gangs of the Japanese yakuza (mafia), who “retired” after killing the of a rival gang and lived in the country for 14 without a passport and visas, reports the Third National Television Channel of .

Shigeharu Shirai, the leader of the Kodokai group of the most famous Yakuza gang Yamaguchi-gumi, whom the Japanese police are looking for on charges of organizing the killing of another Japanese criminal authority in 2003, was detained in Lopburi in central Thailand, where he was quiet and inconspicuous He lived 14 years with his wife, a local citizen, the channel reports.

During the arrest it turned out that the validity of the Japanese passport and Thai visa expired more than ten years ago.

Japanese police learned about Shigeharu Shirai’s whereabouts after a picture appeared on Facebook depicting a Japanese crime boss during a game of checkers on the threshold of his Thai house. In the photo, the Japanese are sitting behind a bare-chested dragon board, so that traditional tattoos that completely cover his back and chest are clearly visible, as well as the missing two phalanges of the little finger on his left hand. Pictures that are posted on the network by a local resident, scored more than 10 thousand views. The photo was also seen by representatives of the Japanese police who immediately sent a request for detention to Thailand.

During interrogation in the Thai police, Shigeharu admitted that a rival killed 14 years ago had plagued him, but refused to confess to the organization of the murder. The police also found out that all these years he had lived in Thailand with the money that he brought from Japan three times a year.

Japanese authority is now facing deportation to their homeland for their long-term illegal residence in the territory of the kingdom. According to the channel, this could happen as early as January 12th.

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