Thailand intends to get rid of resort status for sex tourism

intends to get rid of resort status for sex
According to Prime Prayut Chan-Och, Thailand can offer tourists much more than just sex tourism. He is also convinced of the need to quickly get rid of such a negative internationally known status. Officials intend to clear Pattaya and , as well as other popular territories from the representatives of the sex industry, replacing them with high-quality attractions.

The official also noted that many representatives of this ignoble profession are forced to work with money problems. That is why the Prime Minister insists on the importance of the participation of the state in their future fate. One of the possible solutions to the problem may be obtaining qualifications in relevant tourist areas.

Thailand is rich in cultural and historical monuments that deserve special attention, and without the sex industry. The reason for the emphasis on this issue was a political statement by the Minister of Culture of the Gambia. The politician noted that for sex services should not go to the Gambia, in Thailand.

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