Thailand is the dream of all travelers

is the dream of all travelers – those who independently explore unexplored nooks and those who buy travel packages. In , you can see almost everything: unearthly landscapes, crystal clear water, old temples, wildlife and hospitable people. See 30 places to in .
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1. Bridge over the River Kwai. The construction of this famous bridge killed about 10 thousand people. To this day, it remains a symbol of the cruelty of the times of the Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia. The bridge was destroyed in 1944. Only rounded steel structures were retained, and the rectangular middle parts of the bridge were restored by the Japanese as war reparations after the war. (Photo: Shutterstock).
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2. Pang Nga Bay is a true wonder of nature. The fabulous lagoon is hidden between steep limestone cliffs. There are still only two places in the world that can be compared in beauty with the Gulf of Phang Nga. (Photo: Shutterstock).
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3. Khao Kheow – a unique reserve has been created on the territory of the 1500-year-old jungle, where you can meet a lion lying on the road or a passing giraffe. Here for tourists organize walking tours, educational trips, as well as night safaris.
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4. Railay – a peninsula with fabulous beaches, fenced off from the outside world by huge rocks – this place did not accidentally get into the list of the most beautiful places in the world.
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5. The reclining Buddha in Bangkok is a huge 46-meter tall, gold-plated statue of Buddha, which is in a state of nirvana … Everywhere in Thailand, you will feel Buddhist mysticism penetrate your life.
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6. Khao San in Bangkok is a great starting point for those who want to explore the city. Nearby is the river, Phra Arhit marina, Sanam Luang fields and the Grand Palace. Only here you can feel the atmosphere of carelessness, freedom and joy, which you will not find in any other place in Bangkok.
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7. Amphawa – floating market in the central region of Thailand.
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8. Sa-Morakot – Emerald Lake. If you want to see something that you have never seen in your life, then you should come to emerald lake Sa-Morakot.

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9. City of monkeys Lopburi, the main attraction of which are tailed macaques.

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