10. Wat Arun in Bangkok is the temple of the Dawn, to which an unusually steep staircase leads. Particularly intriguing, it looks in the rays of the rising or setting sun.
30 places to in -11
11. Wat Phra Kaeo – amazingly beautiful Grand Palace, the royal residence.
30 places to visit in Thailand-12
12. Fabulous islands – Ko Tap, Ko Poda, Ko Mor in the province of Krabi – this is a paradise for those who like to walk in the water on the sandy bottom.
30 places to visit in Thailand-13
13. The most beautiful landscapes can be seen boating along the Chao Phraya River.
30 places to visit in Thailand-14
14. In in Khao Phra Theo National Park, there is a gibbon rehabilitation center in which they try to restore the population of these endangered unique animals.
30 places to visit in Thailand-15
15. Han Sok – the oldest and richest ecosystem in Thailand with a unique natural forest Khao Sok.
30 places to visit in Thailand-16
16. Ko Chang on the southeast coast is suitable for those who lack adrenaline, who are not afraid to drive on narrow and dangerous mountain roads. With confidence we can say that the risk is fully compensated by the beautiful views that open from there. And down to the valley, you can enjoy the amazing beauty of the beaches.
30 places to visit in Thailand-17
17. Mun Nork Island is almost a paradise on earth. This place you will never forget.
30 places to visit in Thailand-18
18. Koh Samui, Namuang – parking and entrance to the national park are free. Jumping from a ledge to a deep pool filled with refreshing water is a real temptation not only for children, but also adults. Between the Namuang I and Namuang II waterfalls there is a huge safari park and a large number of elephants.
30 places to visit in Thailand-19
19. Hua Hin. This may be a big surprise for you, but in Thailand there is a real winery that produces wine that receives awards at international competitions. Therefore, in the mountains of Hua Hin, during the wine tasting, tourists can feel almost like in Tuscany.
30 places to visit in Thailand-20
20. The home of the “silk spy” and scout Jim Thompson in Bangkok, whose death is still unsolved mystery. His house, which in fact represents six buildings from different parts of Thailand, is an enclave of tranquility and evidence of a bygone era in the heart of busy Bangkok.

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