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Thailand’s money
The national currency of Thailand is the baht, it is officially referred to as THB. One baht consists of 100 satangs. It is possible to pay in Thailand only with bats, the only exception being duty free shops at the airport (they accept dollars and euros). Therefore, having arrived in the Kingdom, you will have to change money or withdraw from a card in local currency. Otherwise you can not buy anything.

1 What is the money in Thailand?
2 Baht Course
3 What money to take with you?
4 How much money to take?
5 How to withdraw money from the card?
6 How to change money?
What does the money look like in Thailand?
Thailand’s money is divided into banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 baht and coins – 25, 50 satangs and 1, 2, 5, 10 baht.

On the front side of any bill you will see the same image of King Rama IX of Thailand. The reverse side has a unique pattern. On the front side in the upper right corner is written in Arabic numerals, what value each bill has. All bills differ in color, so they are easy to remember.

Thailand’s money

Coins of Thailand differ in size and color. To date, there are only coins in denominations of 25 and 50 brown satangs, the remaining coins of a larger denomination are 1,2,5 and 10 baht. Their color may be golden or silver.

Thailand’s money

In Thailand, it is considered an insult to careless attitude to money. Bills can not be crumpled, walk on them, draw on them and so on. This is perceived as a disrespect of the king himself, and even for such a criminal liability.

Thai Baht Course
In 2017, the Thai baht course is set to the following equivalent:

1 USD = 35.05 THB;
1 EUR = 37.35 THB;
1 RUB = 0.59 THB.

1THB = 0.028 USD;
1THB = 0.026 EUR;
1THB = 1.69 RUB.
In Thailand, the exchange rate may differ slightly, as banks take a commission.

What money to take with you?
I recommend taking a small amount of cash in dollars or euros to Thailand. To exchange cash rubles in the country is quite problematic, or the course will be too unprofitable.

What money to take to Thailand

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The rest of the money is best stored on the card. A bank card must have an international format. With what currency your card is, it does not matter much, so you can only withdraw money in baht, and the conversion is made by your payment system (visa, mastercard) and your bank in your home country. Therefore, if you receive income in rubles, then take a ruble card. It makes no sense to change rubles for dollars and put them on the card.

I have a separate article where I wrote what currency to take to Thailand. I advise you to read it. There I described in detail how currency exchange takes place when cash is withdrawn from a card.

How much money to take?
Thailand is a relatively inexpensive country, so the costs you will not be too big. Of course, we are all different, we have different needs and financial capabilities. From my experience, I can say that if you are traveling on a tour for 2 weeks or less, then it’s enough to take 1000 dollars per person. This amount will be enough to have a snack in a cafe, ride on excursions, various entertainment at your resort, buy souvenirs, clothes, food.

As for me, I go to Thailand on my own and pledge $ 1,000 for one month. This amount includes rental housing ($ 300-400), a motorbike ($ 100), food, gas, mobile communications, clothing, souvenirs and entertainment. Tours I visit quite rarely. This amount is quite enough for me. Although I know quite a few guys who manage to $ 500 to live in Thailand.

To better understand how much money to take to Thailand, I recommend reading my article about prices in Thailand, where I painted the main cost items.

How to withdraw money from the card?
You can cash in Thailand at a bank or ATM. The easiest way to do this is in an ATM, as they are everywhere and work around the clock. For withdrawing money, an ATM takes a fixed commission of about 200 baht. Therefore, it is more profitable to withdraw a large amount once than to do it many times and pay a commission for each operation. But note that each ATM has a maximum amount for withdrawal – 20-30 thousand baht, more than this amount can not be removed.

How to withdraw money in Thailand

Also, money can be cashed in the bank itself. In Thailand, they are quite a lot and they differ in color. Many tourists prefer to withdraw money from the bank, as some of them do not charge a commission, unlike ATMs. I will not name what banks specifically do not charge, as the rules are constantly changing. It is better to go around a few banks and ask them to withdraw money from the card without a fee, then you will know for sure. First of all, I advise you to look at the Krungsri Bank (yellow) and the Bangkok Bank (blue).

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